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Four Ways to Stay Active During Cold Winter Months

Posted on January 07, 2019 in Active Aging, Community Care, Health and Wellness, Rehabilitation, Senior Lifestyle Options

During colder months, regular exercise is essential because it can help combat winter blues, lessen joint pain, increase metabolism and contribute to a healthy immune system. While temperatures frequently dip below freezing during the winter, there are still many ways to stay active indoors.


1. Swimming

This low-impact workout can reduce stress and increase quality of life. Exercising while in water provides buoyancy that supports the joints and can reduce pain. Brain function and cognition are also improved with better blood flow and increased oxygenation. Some of our communities offer indoor pools for classes, laps and recreational swimming.

2. Mind-stimulating Activities

It’s important to stay mentally active. Playing board games, knitting, crocheting, doing puzzles, socializing, reading and learning new skills are great ways to stay sharp. Calming activities like these can lower the breathing rate, slow the heart rate and reduce blood pressure.

3. Guided Excercise

Exercise classes are a popular choice because they are off ered at various skill levels. For those who do not enjoy classes, there are plenty of simple workouts that can be done at home. Borrow a DVD from your local library, check your TV guide for fitness programs, or browse YouTube for guided instruction.


There’s no denying that these activities come with numerous health benefits. They can increase bone mass and even strengthen problem-area joints, such as your knees. Many of our communities have indoor walking tracks or other areas to take laps, as well as fitness centers with treadmills and other equipment.


When you choose to move to an Ohio Living community, you can have these opportunities and more at your fingertips. From group fitness classes to a morning swim, we offer a multitude of opportunities to stay active and fit – even during the cold winter months!


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