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Good Health in Every Season: Winter

Posted on November 22, 2021 in Health and Wellness

Good health is something that can be enjoyed and experienced at all ages and in every season. Ohio winters are often beautiful, but that beauty comes with a bit (or lot) of cold and snow that make afternoon strolls outside a bit unpleasant. It's important to find ways to stay healthy that are also safe and comfortable.


Simple Steps for Physical Health in Winter

Maintain your physical health in winter with indoor walking clubs, exercise machines, mall walking and YouTube videos that feature low impact workouts, such as tai chi and chair yoga.


Take care of yourself by getting the right vaccinations. recommends working with your doctor to determine which vaccinations will be most useful for you. Vaccines available for adults include those to protect against flu, pneumonia, whooping cough, shingles, tetanus and diphtheria. Also, practice preventative steps to avoid germs by washing your hands frequently and avoiding unnecessary exposure to illnesses.


Socialize to Battle the Blues in Winter

Winter blues are very real. While most people are referring to a condition known as seasonal affective disorder, sometimes referred to as “winter blues,” it’s not always that severe. Some people spend significantly more time at home during the winter, resulting in less social interaction than in other seasons of the year. Time with others is crucial for creating a sense of connection, purpose and quality of life. Withdrawing from those social connections can lead to a lack of confidence, feelings of isolation and decreased mental function.


These great things help you build a healthier, happier lifestyle throughout the entire year. Staff members at Ohio Living communities would be happy to help you set and achieve your own goals to promote successful living year-round.