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One More Walk with Friends

Posted on January 14, 2019 in Caregiving, Hospice, In The News

One More Walk with Friends

At Ohio Living Swan Creek, we strive to show respect to residents who have passed away, and to give our staff and residents a healthy way to acknowledge and grieve their loss.

One unique way we do this is through our processionals. When a resident passes away and emergency professionals prepare for them to leave the building, they do not leave alone – instead, they are accompanied by fellow residents and staff members who knew and loved them. They follow behind their friend, praying and sharing memories with one another as they say goodbye.

This walk reinforces the sense of community on our campus, as our residents know that, even in their final moments here, they will not be alone.

We respect all of our residents, especially those that have passed away, by saying goodbye the same way they came to us - through the front door.


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