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Celebrating National Technology Day

Posted on January 06, 2020 in Active Aging, Learning

What a great Day to recognize the technology we have at Ohio Living!

I’m Joyce Miller, Chief Information Officer for Ohio Living, and I love finding ways new technology can improve the lives of our residents, patients, and employees. It’s easy to get excited about the latest gadgets and systems, but Ohio Living is savvy in its vision for technology. New tech must be purposeful, secure, and align with our company value of financial stewardship.

Today we have internet access via WIFI throughout all of our campuses to support both our residents in their homes and our staff to perform their job duties. Going forward, Ohio Living plans to support “smart” technology in many of our independent living areas. Smart technology refers to devices and systems that offer the consumer interaction and control, often through the use of the internet. Smart devices you may already be using include everything from watches to light bulbs to TVs. Check out this article I found to learn about the top 10 up-and-coming smart technologies.

On this National Technology Day, let us know what other kinds of tech you would find helpful at Ohio Living!