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Kara HanzieExecutive Director

Kara is a mission-driven leader who has 14 years of long-term care leadership experience in Ohio, including five years as Ohio Living Rockynol's nursing home administrator.

Before joining Ohio Living Rockynol, Kara served as quality improvement project leader for Ohio KePRO and also worked for Sprenger Retirement Centers. She started her career in long-term care with Vencor, Inc.

She says long-term care was her calling and she was drawn to it because her grandmother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, lived in a skilled nursing center for eight years.

Kara's vision for Ohio Living Rockynol includes campus development, growing services and outreach. Plans for development and services include an all-new rehabilitation center with private suites and expansion of Ohio Living Rockynol's assisted living options. She also believes in fulfilling the nonprofit Christian-based mission of service to her residents, their families and the Akron community.

She was born and raised in Zanesville, Ohio, and earned a Bachelor of Science in long-term health care administration from Ohio University. Kara relocated to Akron when she married.