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Palliative Medicine

At Ohio Living Palliative Medicine, we know that chronic illnesses can bring a variety of symptoms that make it hard to focus on doing what you need to do to feel well. That’s why our palliative medicine team is made up of compassionate, experienced nurse practitioners and other specialists who work with you and your physicians to find relief from your disease and the symptoms that come with it. 


We offer:

• In-depth experience working with whole-person care that can relieve symptoms of a disease or disorder, regardless of whether it can be cured.


• A full range of services provided by one of our nurse practitioners, based on your patient’s needs and requests.


• Family meetings to discuss goals of care and to make treatment choices.


• A personalized treatment plan with goals specific to your patients’ needs, concerns, symptom management and relief from suffering.


• Coordination of care across health care services to maximize the quality of life along the continuum of the illness.