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Ohio Living has a long-standing commitment to art and creativity.

For over 30 years, we hosted an art competition that allowed residents from around the state to submit their creations for inclusion in an art calendar. We saw countless stunning paintings, carvings, photographs, quilts and more from the infinite reservoir of our residents’ creativity.

The overwhelming number of remarkable submissions each year made us realize that Ohio Living life plan communities are home to more talented artists than we could ever recognize in a calendar! So this year, we transitioned to an online art gallery that will allow every artist in an Ohio Living community to have their talent and dedication to their craft be seen and celebrated.

So we invite you to spend some time here! Get to know our residents and their creations, and may they inspire the spark of creativity inside of you as well.

All resident artwork has been posted with permission from the artists. Images of resident artwork are owned by the artists and subject to copyright. Any use of these images beyond “fair use” of Section 107 of US Copyright Law is prohibited. All themes, depictions, characterizations, titles, and descriptions expressed are the artists’ own and do not reflect the views of Ohio Living or its subsidiary companies. Submission of art does not guarantee inclusion in the online gallery.