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Ohio Living Adopts Telehealth Technology to Better Serve Its Clients

Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice was recently featured in the e-magazine LeadingAge, showcasing how our organization is utilizing telehealth technologies to better serve our clients.  The model consists of telemedicine-enabled doctors who examine residents with the assistance of on-site nurses trained to deploy digital diagnostic equipment.

The article by John Mitchell, Telehealth Brings Promise and Challenges, states:

Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice has become an early adopter of such technology-based monitoring. In November, it deployed a chronic heart failure (CHF) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) strategy to reduce hospital readmissions. The organization has worked with 2 ACOs for the past 4 years to reduce readmissions, which is big part of improving outcomes under the Affordable Care Act. Because of Ohio Living’s work on this front, it is the preferred provider for the 2 ACOs.

Ohio Living has partnered with Health Recovery Solutions to deploy 10 of the company’s tablets to clients between the ages of 71 and 90, to check vital signs. The tablets can detect changes indicating the onset of CHF or COPD. This data is automatically uploaded to a monitoring program. The residents then answer some basic questions about how they are feeling, if they slept well, or if they used an extra pillow to sleep. The questions are part of an algorithm that alerts staff to troubling symptoms.

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