At Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice, we provide the expertise and compassion that helps adults and their families live as fully as possible during an advanced illness. We build a supportive team around the patient and family that includes clinical professionals, trained caregivers and volunteers. The team focuses on the patient's physical symptoms, as well as emotional and spiritual concerns for the patient and their family members.

We enable our patients to make decisions about how they want to live out their remaining days and create memories for those who remain behind. We encourage them to share their goals for life with us, then work with them to make those goals a reality.

Our hospice team works together to provide counseling, education, and support, focusing on giving the patient control in the care for their physical, mental and spiritual needs. Then the hospice team, along with the patient and family members, develop a holistic care plan that includes pain management, symptom control and bereavement support.

Personalized Care

From medical needs to a listening ear, our hospice team tailors each patient's care plan specifically to them and their comfort

Dignity and Respect

Patients and their loved ones can make the most of their time together, knowing the hospice team will treat them with dignity and honor their wishes

Bereavement Support

Chaplains are available to help family members through the journey of grief and the emotions that accompany loss

Learn the truth behind common misconceptions with our Myths about Hospice downloadable PDF.

Explore what differentiates palliative medicine from hospice care with our  downloadable PDF, What's the Difference?

Do Not Resuscitate can be a complicated topic. Let us help you break it down with our DNR Explanation downloadable PDF.

Find out how we support hospice patients' control over their own care with our Hospice is a Choice downloadable PDF.

Hospice Myths

Not at all! Actually, hospice helps to continue hope: the hope of a quality of life, the hope of peace, the hope of serenity. At Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice, our goal is never to take away someone’s hope of another option to come. If there is something new to trial, in hopes of improving health status and changing the decline of the disease, we support that, and hospice can be revoked.

It is not. Hospice was first intended and used for cancer patients, but it is now available to any person with a limited life expectancy, with any disease process. This may be cardiac, lung disease, dementia, any disease that is progressing with no “cure” available.

Yes! Hospice care covers the eligible disease process and its treatment. Being able to continue to see your primary care physician is allowed and continues to be covered by Medicare with your choice iof physician. The hospice team will stay in touch with your physician in order to report changes in your condition.

Not with Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice.Some other providers may mandate this, but we choose to support patients as they work through this difficult time, and help them and families understand the process and ramifications of “full code” as the disease progresses.

They do not. Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice standard is to review the medications and monitor their benefit. We only discontinue medications as they become non-beneficial, or when the client is declining or unable to take the medication because of inability to swallow.

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When Hospice is Right for You

Ohio Living's hospice care teams are here to support and provide you with the highest quality of care. Because illness affects much more than physical health alone, care teams are made up of people with different kinds of training and skills to provide support that addresses physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs for you and your family.

Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice delivers care in:

    • Your own home
    • The home of a family member
    • A retirement or assisted living apartment
    • A nursing facility
    • A hospice center
Our team specializes in geriatric care and provides you and your loved ones with:

    • Pain management
    • Symptom control
    • Counseling
    • Education
    • Bereavement support
    • Spiritual support

Our hospice team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We Honor Veterans

Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice ensures that excellent care at the end of life is available for our nation’s veterans and that support is available for their families.

These men and women often carry experiences from their military service that present unique challenges at the end of life, so our teams are on a mission to serve those who have served us. To help meet the distinctive needs of America’s veterans, Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice teams have been trained and certified through the We Honor Veterans Program.

Understanding how veterans view their service, whether it is positive or negative, has implications for how they view their disease, especially if it is related to their service. We feel honored to guide veterans through their life stories toward a more peaceful ending, comforting those who suffer from physical or psychological trauma.


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Make It Happen®

Make it Happen® is a program that brings special moments of joy and meaning to those nearing the end of their lives by fulfilling their life-enhancing wishes. Each moment is unique and personal — it can be larger than life, like a hot air balloon ride, or a simple wish for family members to come together one last time. 

Make It Happen moments have included:

    • Attending a grandchild's wedding
    • Shopping trips 
    • Concerts
    • Visiting meaningful locations
    • Spa days with loved ones

Each Make it Happen® moment creates lasting memories for families of those served by Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice.

Become a Volunteer

Hospice is a special kind of caring that is person and family centered and seeks to provide support and comfort to those facing a life limiting illness. Volunteers play a large role in this effort by sharing their skills and interests in a manner that enriches the quality of life for those they serve.

The federal government also recognizes the importance of volunteers in the delivery of hospice services by requiring that Medicare-approved hospices utilize volunteers from their community. Nationally, about 100,000 people serve as hospice volunteers and give millions of hours of their time to serve terminally ill patients and their families.

How you can help:
Hospice volunteers work with patients and families in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Companionship
  • Respite visits
  • Spiritual support
  • Bereavement support
  • Errands and light housekeeping

Volunteers can also provide clerical support, such as:

  • Filing
  • Photocopying
  • Assembling information packets
  • Assisting with mailings
  • Making telephone calls
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