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OWLS stands for Older Wiser Lifelong Scholars

People are living longer today.  Many are finding that their lives can be enriched through continuing learning experiences and expanding social contacts.  OWLS is the perfect answer – a school with no exams!  Registration fees are affordable and there is no long-distance travel.  OWLS offers an opportunity to study current affairs, expand interests and develop friendships – all enjoyable, worthwhile experiences.

The OWLS school has been offering top quality classes since 1996.


The OWLS Board develops curriculum based on these vital themes:

  • National and World Issues
  • Exploration and Challenging Ideas
  • Morality and Belief Systems
  • Literature
  • The Arts
  • Practical Skills
  • Special Interest

Each course of study has four 2-hour sessions for a total of eight hours per course.  Instructors come from local colleges and universities, from prestigious organizations and even from out of state, and are chosen for expertise in their field as well as their teaching skills.


The OWLS School Mission

To provide intellectually enriching educational opportunities through college level courses for lifelong learners of Central Ohio.



Registration for 2024 classes is now open. You can register online here.   Join our OWLS School mailing list to receive a course schedule and news about OWLS School programming.