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Silver Heart Award Spotlight: Billy, Ohio Living Quaker Heights

Posted on January 13, 2024 in In The News

Shout out to Silver Heart Award recipient Billy, who extends excellent care in the rebab unit at Ohio Living Quaker Heights as an STNA.


Resident families have commented about the difference they see in their loved one after Billy’s attentive care, which is a testament to his quality contributions.


His leader shared, “When Billy was hired, our rehab unit was closed, but he waited and was asked to float until our relaunch of rehab. On each floor he worked, there were glowing reports about his care. He exudes excellence and provides motivation to his fellow coworkers on a daily basis. He will even attach himself to a few of our men that are "a little set in their ways" and really encourage these men to participate in activities and socialize in the community. For those who can't, he spends extra time on their day- to-day care.”


In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to highlight our winners in a series of spotlight blogs. Be sure to follow along!