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Silver Heart Award Spotlight: Jodi, Ohio Living Mount Pleasant

Posted on February 05, 2024 in In The News

Notable congratulations to Silver Heart Award recipient Jodi, an STNA who cheerfully serves everyone at Ohio Living Mount Pleasant. Jodi is a frequent recipient of thank-you cards from residents and their families and has been known to pick up extra shifts, so no one has to run short staffed.


Her leader shared, “Jodi is a true blessing. Those she serves rave about her, both the residents and their families, and they share their praise verbally, as well as in cards and emails to the leaders. Regardless of how hard life is, Jodi is pleasant with the residents and is always wearing a smile.”


Outside of work, Jodi is a wife and mother of three who has overcome personal challenges and continues to show up, even asking co-workers for rides when necessary. “She can work anywhere in the building and is willing to be moved wherever the need is,” her leader continued. “Simply put - she’s an excellent employee.”


In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to highlight our winners in a series of spotlight blogs. Be sure to follow along!