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Celebrating Now.

Posted on December 07, 2018 in Caregiving, Hospice

Sometimes, a person is so special that you don’t want to wait until their birthday to celebrate what they mean to you. That was certainly the case with Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice patient Betty Drayer.

Betty’s birthday is in November, but her loved ones seized the opportunity back in June to celebrate the love and joy she brings to their lives. “Betty is sweet and smiling all the time,” said Greater Youngstown Volunteer Coordinator Carol Davis. “Everyone loves to visit her, and she is delighted to have them there.” Staff members frequently take Betty out to the patio at the facility where she lives so she can enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful surroundings. Her smile radiates pure happiness and invites everyone else to enjoy the day.

Betty’s daughter, Susie, approached Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice looking for a way to celebrate her mother with friends and family. She didn’t want to wait for a birthday or a special occasion, but instead wanted to bring their loved ones together to celebrate her mother while she was still alert and aware enough to enjoy it. Such an event needed decorations to match Betty’s bright and colorful personality.

Social Worker Susan Gans delivered a purple tablecloth – Betty’s favorite color – as well as a vibrant bouquet of flowers and leis for everyone to wear. Sandwiches and other snacks were served. Once the room was set up, our staff quietly exited so Betty’s loved ones could enjoy their time alone with her. They weren’t done making the day special, though. After the party, they collected photos from Betty’s family and friends and created a scrapbook of the day’s events. It even included lyrics to Betty’s favorite song – “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

“This was such a happy day for her,” shared Carol. Spending time with family and friends, surrounded by love and laughter, is just the kind of day Betty enjoys most.


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