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Craft Tailored Outdoor Retreats with Concierge at Home

Posted on April 15, 2024 in

For many, spending time outdoors is synonymous with relaxation, rejuvenation and connection with nature. At Concierge at Home, we're dedicated to curating outdoor spaces that are tailored to the unique needs and desires of our extended Ohio Living community. 


Why Outdoor Living?

  1. Promotes well-being: Engaging with nature can reduce stress, elevate mood and promote overall well-being. 
  2. Encourages movement: Accessible outdoor areas provide opportunities for gentle exercise and mobility maintenance. 
  3. Fosters social connection: Outdoor spaces create settings for meaningful interactions, fostering a sense of community and belonging. 
  4. Stimulates the senses: Immersing in the sights and sounds of nature can awaken the senses and promote cognitive health. 


Here are some best practices to keep in mind when designing your outdoor retreat:


  1. Prioritize accessibility: Design pathways with smooth surfaces and consider features like handrails for ease of movement. 
  1. Ensure safety: Install adequate lighting and implement non-slip surfaces to prevent accidents, especially during evening hours. 
  1. Create comfortable spaces: Provide cozy seating areas and shade to facilitate relaxation and enjoyment of the outdoors. 
  2. Add gardening: Explore accessible gardening options such as raised beds or container gardens to nurture greenery and connect with nature. 
  3. Personalize your space: Tailor outdoor areas to individual preferences, whether for birdwatching, reading or simply soaking in the sun. 


Many hands make for light work, and the Concierge at Home team specializes in crafting personalized outdoor retreats that cater to your unique needs and preferences. Contact us today to discuss how we can transform your outdoor space into a functional and meaningful one. Visit Concierge at Home or call 380-210-3725 to get started.