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Student in Residence: Natalie's Blog Entry 11

Posted on March 06, 2019 in Student in Residence

Hello residents!

I hope that all of you are staying warm and healthy! It’s that time of the year when sickness is rather prevalent. I have been trying to keep active and maintain positivity while the sun fails to shine! One way I have been doing this is reflecting on more places around OLWT that I love. These include both the Bistro and General Store!

The Bistro is a wonderful place that is full of friendly staff and delicious food! I have met multiple residents there to have coffee and chat about our lives. The seats are plush and hanging out with the cat, Harpo, is definitely a plus. When I was in the Bistro this week for Porch Stories, the cat snuggled up to me for quite some time. It was wonderful! That’s just one of the many reasons I love this facility, because animals are so heavily incorporated into each of our lives.

The Bistro has also been one of the places I have conducted Porch Stories since January! It has been an incredible opportunity to interact with a different mix of residents and learn about their lives as well. The dean of the College of Social Work, Tom Gregoire, even got to attend one of these Porch Stories which was an absolute treat. The pictures below represent some of the different sessions of Porch Stories. If you would like to attend Porch Stories, there is still time! Five sessions remain until my time here comes to an end, unfortunately. The dates of these include 3/27, 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, and 4/23! Sign up today in the Thurber Tower lobby!


My favorite items to eat are the breakfast sandwich or the turkey sandwich. However, I enjoy any meal, as long as I am enjoying it with wonderful people. For example, eating with my supervisors from Age-Friendly Columbus and Franklin County the other day!

Another place I love to spend my time at is the General Store. What a wonderful place it is! Everything is so reasonably priced and is perfect if you need a soda or a unique gift to give to friends and family. My favorite thing to look at is the earrings selection. Let me tell you, earrings made in the past are much more unique than they are now. That’s why I have bought myself a couple of pairs from there! Thank you to all the residents who contribute to running the store and to Jan Mathys who manages it! It’s such gift to our community to have something like this. If you have not visited this store, do so soon!


Next blog post, I will be reflecting on some unique experiences I’ve had here at OLWT as well as my plans up until I move out!


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